It's actually the Not Invented Here Syndrome. It would cause the fiefdom at the USDOT responsible for the FMVSS (and the one sending the document to Canada to have the CMVSS) to be redundant. Because they would be made redundant, any plan to harmonize vehicle regulations means that: » 4/23/14 9:47am Today 9:47am

I want to go test drive a CPO Jaaaaaag XJL. Preferably supercharged. I want them to get cheaper, since I want to express my sheer lunacy by having one at some point (as opposed to say, a W12 A8/Phaeton or more pedestrian 7er or S-Klasse). » 4/22/14 11:19am Yesterday 11:19am

Having driven an F30 320i Jalopnik Pack when I was shopping for a car, it is numb. Granted it wasn't as communicative as say, the old 3er, it was about on par with a late 90s MB E Class. » 4/22/14 7:23am Yesterday 7:23am

One of the neighbors on my cul-de-sac and I went on a ride after lunch. He just finished cleaning his Harley, so he was on his Cam-Am (they are nice). I had 955cc of Britishness to work with (955cc Triumph). » 4/21/14 8:20am Monday 8:20am